Introducing: He Is Me - 'Resurrection' (Single)

Portland Duo He Is Me  shares haunting industrial single, 'Resurrection'.

One of my favourite things about industrial influenced music is the ability to make the stuff of nightmares and a growing sense of unease considerably in demand and appealing. There's also a shock factor to it, but in some forms, it can be twistedly poetic in nature. 

 'Resurrection', the new single by He Is Me speaks out through creepy, disillusioned walls of sounds that are fully immersive in their unnerving appeal. This is an atmospheric and ambient piece of music that interweaves technical metal and ambient industrial in such a precise way that even its most chaotic and relentless moments, comes across as being thoroughly well thought out.
As a band,  "He Is Me explores the beauty of the void in us all and what lies beneath with vast soundscapes, crushing atmosphere, gripping lyrical content, and pure emotion". For me, I find it really hard to discover an industrial influenced outfit who get it right in terms of evocation, accessibility and pure undiluted terror - He Is Me, fortunately, tick all three boxes.

Words of Karla Harris