Listen: Hugar ft. Arnór Dan - 'Waves' (Single)

Icelandic duo Hugar team up with Arnór Dan for heart stirring single, 'Waves'.
Off the back of his collaborative efforts with the magnificent Ólafur Arnalds, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Arnór Dan's vocals are embedded in my heart  as one of my favourite sounds in all of the world.

 With that in mind, it could be argued that I went into listening to 'Waves' and making my first acquaintance with the sounds of Hugar (Bergur Þórisson & Pétur Jónsson) with a sense of bias. The truth is, this is an extraordinary piece of evocative music that would have wowed me should it have just been presented as an instrumental.

Of course, 'Waves' is inherently more powerful with its poignant lyrics and Dan's extraordinary vocals where each word effortlessly floats from his mouth stirring the deepest of emotion. But what Hugar have done is woven a huge blanket of aesthetic sentiment through understated, slowly swelling, layered arrangements offering such overwhelming beauty and intimacy it is almost intrusive.

On the track, Hugar tells me, "'Waves; seeks to express the aligned forces of nature & soul'". 'Waves' is a perfect example of transcendence and enlightenment condensed into three minutes and thirty-six seconds of pure, haunting, melancholy bliss.

Words of Karla Harris