Frightened Rabbit - live @ Concorde2 - 05/12/2016

A cold night on the South Coast soon turned into a hot sweaty mess as Scottish hard hitters Frightened Rabbit took to the stage at Brighton's Concorde2 with support from fellow Glaswegians, PAWS.

PAWS drew the crowd in and captivated them with a catchy set list showcasing the biggest tracks from their new album 'No Grace', which is out now. A personal favourite from the set for me was title track 'No Grace' which had somewhat of a Vaccines feel to it and got everyone moving. The album is released on Brighton based label Fat Cat Records so it was no surprise so many people got down early to see them.

Frightened Rabbit were then welcomed to a righteous applause and kicked things off with 'Get Out' before leading into my personal favourite track, 'Holy'. Throughout the set, lead singer Scott Hutchinson continuously made a joke of the people of Brighton stating how lucky we are to "be able to get smashed on a Monday night and still make it up for work the next day, only to do it all over again Tuesday night." The on stage banter between the band and crowd, accompanied by track after track of heart wrenching mixed with arena ready songs, made this feel like a very intimate show in what is one of Brighton's biggest venues.

This tour was in support of Frightened Rabbit's new album 'Painting Of A Panic Attack' which is also out now and I highly recommend you picking it up!

Words & Photos of Project92

Frightened Rabbit
Frightened Rabbit - Concorde2 - 05.12.16

PAWS - Concorde2 - 05.12.16