Listen: Carly Van Skaik - 'Red Leaves'

 LA-based indie artist Carly Van Skaik shares rich autumnal track, ' Red Leaves' 

Autumn imagery acts as a reflective carthasis for Carly Van Skaik to help heal from a past break up, as memories fall away like red leaves on an autumn day. Combining 80s electronic influences and really spiritual sonic elements, 'Red Leaves' soars dreamily and remains rooted and transcendent in equal measure.

On the track Carly tells us, "I wrote this song after me and my ex broke up. It was a really short lived, but intense relationship and after we ended there was a lot of back and forth crazy making. I was trying everything I could to put it back together and had a really hard time letting go of this person because I couldn’t understand why it had ended. I finally woke up one day and realized I was never going to understand or change his mind and that I was worth more. All of the sudden I was ready to move forward and let go of what we could have been. It was actually very liberating haha. Break ups are f’ing painful, until they aren’t."

Carly's crystalline vocals are accesible and clean yet channel an otherworldly, folky nature, distinctive and intriguing as she finds connectivity with the natural world in a time of heartache. This is exactly the beautiful, alternative edge needed to make a stand-out pop track in a saturated genre.

Words of Karla Harris