Listen: Allman Brown - 'Palms' (feat. Liz Lawrence)

London-based singer songwriter Allman Brown unveils affective new single 'Palms' feat. (Liz Lawrence).

Tapping into the very best of folk, acoustic and indie electronic influences is Allman Brown with his incandescent new offering 'Palms', an incredibly touching track that reaches into the very core of tangible emotion -  warming the coldest of winter hearts with its lyrically sincerity whilst simultaneously evoking a slight bittersweet chill.

Through evocative and uplifting arrangements and incredibly beautiful and textured interweaving male and female vocals (courtesy of another incredible collaboration with stunning London based musician, Liz Lawrence)  'Palms' is a hugely poignant, tangible and accessible piece of music, understated in its sheer brilliance, unforgettable in its entirety.

Words of Karla Harris

'Palms' is taken from Allman Brown's upcoming debut album '1000 years' which is due for release in February 2017 and available for pre-order now.