The Band Explains: Moon Panda - 'Your Doll' (Video)

Front woman Maddy Myers of California-based indie rock outfit Moon Panda talks us through  the ideas behind sultry single and video, 'Your Doll'. 

Moon Panda Explains:
"The video for 'Your Doll' was filmed where I live in the countryside of San Diego, California. The original intent of the video was to film in complete darkness using only car headlights for the shots, giving it a very bleak look, but the sunset ended up being so vivid that we scraped that idea and decided to use it as symbolism for the end of a relationship: beautiful at times yet fading fast. The song itself is about feeling stuck. Feeling like no matter what you do the person that you love has complete control over you, which is a very stark yet common way for a relationship to function. Because of this I wanted the video to be beautiful but still very tragic and I hope that comes through. In the scenes where I'm a dancing silhouette we put on Radiohead's album King of Limbs to really channel the beautiful desperation of their music and honestly the iconic moves of Thom Yorke."

Feature by Karla Harris