Introducing: Bad Family - 'My Body Pines' (Single)

Bad Family shares 'My Body Pines', the powerful lead single taken from their debut EP, 'EP1'.

Having been a follower of  Brighton quintet Bad Family's past musical journey, it was a very pleasant surprise to see that they have reformed under the guise of a new project, and with so, a  more formidable sound.

Combining a sense of foreboding in western noir-esque arrangements with cinematic pop swellings, Bad Family keep footholds both in the past and the present, creating a foreboding and infectious indie alternative track passionately themed around the frustration of loving someone who is physically and emotionally at a disconnect with you.

While this is a very accessible track, Bad Family step it up a notch by incorporating a profound vocal sample from the 1976 film 'Network', which is a really clever creative touch and only acts to heighten the intensity and pleasure of the track. Devoid of unnecessary frivolity, Bad Family are approaching relatable themes with a no frills directness up against a backdrop of exceptional and stand out sonic arrangements.

Words of Karla Harris

'EP1' is available  now through Century City Records and distributed by Republic of Music.