The Band Explains: Pistols At Dawn - 'Foregone Conclusion' (Single)

London 5-piece Pistols At Dawn talk to us about ‘Foregone Conclusion’, the lead single taken from their debut album, ’See You Home' out now via Tres Beau Records.

Pistols At Dawn Explains:
"'Foregone Conclusion' was written in an outhouse backing onto Matt’s (drummer) tiny house in Cricklewood. Matt is a keen amateur butcher and the outhouse is his sanctuary, where he can dismember livestock without getting under his family’s feet. It makes absolute sense that such an environment - the walls spattered with arterial blood yet the furniture stark, chrome and polished, and the shadows echoing with the screams of terrified animals - should provide the gestational venue for a song dealing with the themes of death, war and the innate, selfish brutality of mankind.

The lyrics tell the story of a battle-scarred warrior who, after decades of fighting an unnamed enemy in the name of an unnamed deity, comes to the realisation that the deity is nothing but a totemic work of fiction, cynically created to control the minds and actions of the many to benefit the few, and that ‘a belief embracing war is no belief worth fighting for’. This realisation drains him of all inclination to go on, so he lies down and dies in despair, muttering the incantation ‘It’s only ever on the outside that they are not like you’ - his condemnation of cross-cultural prejudice and bigotry."