The Band Explains: The Great Dictators - 'Angel Flesh' (Video) & 'Flipside' single stream.

Danish alt rockers The Great Dictators talk to us about the ideas behind their unnerving music video and single, 'Angel Flesh'.'
'Angel Flesh' is a melancholic and grandiose tale of love, death and drugs accompanied by a cruel Nordic vibe and twisted guitars. The Great Dictators have also unveiled album track 'Flipside' a slow burning ballad with edgy guitars, soothing synths and a drunken trumpet.

The Band Explains:
"'Angel Flesh' is the first single off our upcoming album ‘Women’, out November 4th. The record is the final piece in our ‘Holy Creatures’ trilogy.

Not only does it mark the end of an amazing journey and a new beginning, we also take a plunge into the world of noisy electric guitars, having used only acoustic ones on our former releases. It’s a natural progression in a world where rock containing heart and soul is as elusive as ever and the radio channels are flooded with musicalised plastic and brute selfishness. We wanted to make an album that would gently kick you in the groin and shower you with love at the same time.

‘Angel Flesh’ is produced by amazingly talented Glasyr, a graphics and media company based in Copenhagen. It was shot over the course of a few days deep ind the woods of Sweden and the result is a beautiful and dark ode to nature."

Feature by Karla Harris