The Band Explains: Gabriel Wolfchild & The Northern Light - 'Runaways' (Video)

Gabriel Wolfchild and The Northern Light speaks to us about the ideas behind their heart warming music video for 'Runaways'.

'Runaways' is an indie folk gem that features on Gabriel and The Norern Light's debut EP 'Mornings Like These' produced by Eric Lilavois (Saint Motel, Atlas Genius) and recorded at  London Bridge Studios. The EP is inspired by both the beauty and the darker side of human existence, as well as the connections we make along the way.

The Artist Explains:
Where was 'Runaways' filmed?
The video was mostly filmed at locations all over Seattle. We shot one scene out in the Frenchman Coulee desert.

How does the video compliment the song?
'Runaways' is all about connection, and how the very act of meeting and sharing a moment with another can create a ripple effect. This effect not only changes that person, but also the ones they have yet to meet. We felt the best way to communicate this visually was to create a "hug train" and follow its journey from one embrace to the next, symbolically representing this ripple of love.

Any behind the scenes stories?
My favourite film shoot was at Seattle's Tim's Tavern. We set up shop out back of this tiny bar and recruited and filmed a bunch of kind (and tipsy) strangers to sing our song into the camera . It's amazing what happens when you really take the time to look at the people around you. Looking through that lens I could start to see all of their beauty and madness. Faces tells so many stories.

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
We wanted this video to be beautiful. What’s more beautiful than our home and our local surrounding community? We filmed in some of Seattle's most captivating and nostalgic locations, and incorporated as many local Seattle characters as we could find. We hope you recognize a few!

What is the message the video is trying to convey
My greatest hope is that this video will help folks see the impact they have on other people and the world around them. It's so easy to get overwhelmed and feel alone and small and to get lost in this "nothing I can do really matters, so why bother" kind of mindset. We have all felt that way at some point or another. Maybe this video can be a reminder of how important we are to each other.

I myself have been saved by a random act of kindness. Feeling caught and held when you stumble is so impactful, and it’s one we can share. All you have to do is pass it on.

I like knowing that we may never get to see most of our life's greatest contributions. There is a chance that that moment of eye contact you shared on the bus ride home saved someone’s life and you'll never know...and is knowing really the point?

Interview feature by Karla Harris