The Band Explains: Bare Knuckle Parade - 'Come Alive'

Bath indie-rockers Bare Knuckle Parade  talk to us about their new single and music video, 'Come Alive' - an anthem for outsiders.
'Come Alive' is  a raw and energetic rock anthem which is out now through Dirty 38 Records.

Bare Knuckle Parade Explains:
"'Come Alive' is about feeing like you are an outsider, like you are waiting in line to get into a bar or club that you will never be allowed into because you haven't got the right shoes on...
I think as a band, we have always felt like we are part of our own thing - we have always made our own rules up and done whatever we felt like doing - and there has definitely been times where people have tried to ignore our existence - I think most people have felt like this at some point in time, but at some point you have to turn round and say "screw you, I'm better off by being different".

Essentially the track is saying it's better if you don't fit a preset mold, it's an anthem for the 'one of a kind'.

We wrote the song before going out on tour and gave it its debut live performance at 2000 trees festival - we have a special place in our hearts for the festival and it's people, so playing it there for the first time was a no brainier! We did an acoustic rendition and the crowd went nuts... a guy even broke his arm after falling over the barriers...

It was the reaction we had hoped for!

We recorded the song in an old theatre, we wanted to keep it as organic as possible so we just set up a few microphones in a room and bashed the song out like we would have done at a show, that way we can play and sound exactly like us!

The track was entirely self produced, it was just the 5 of us locked away in a building for a couple days with a lot of coffee...

The music video was filmed on an abandoned airfield. We decided to invite a few friends down and we essentially started a riot... 4 armed police cars turned up on set after receiving a phone call from a terrified local - in all fairness the set was so convincing and the atmosphere was perfect... an extra even had his nose broken during a take!

The music video is entirely from one shot, so capturing all this chaos on film with that restraint was a challenge - but I feel like we pulled it off in the end!"

Feature by Karla Harris