The Band Explains: Apeman Spaceman - 'This Is A Low' (Single)

London based rock band Apeman Spaceman  talk to us about the concept behind sleazy yet melodic indie rock offering,  'This Is A Low'.
'This Is A Low' is due for release November 4th on D.I.Y imprint 'Bin Party Records’.

Apeman Spaceman Explains:
"'This is a Low' is about a shit weekend in the country, spent in an effort to resurrect a relationship, only to hammer it further into the ground. Don’t go anywhere near Dungeness if you need a boost, that’s my advice. I got the chorus melody after mucking about with it in the dictaphone and hearing my mate’s son and daughter having a scrap in the background, wailing. Despite all that it’s not too melancholy. it's a celebration of sadness but it’s more ‘Oh for fucks sake, fuck this, it’s fucked. We’ve tried everything and I give up. I’m off to get fucked’. But less sweary.

It was recorded in the bottom of a block of flats in Hackney behind a spoon whittling shop with Harri Chambers (watch out for him), and mixed by the marvellous Alex newport (Bloc Party, At The Drive In, Mars Volta) in LA."