The Band Explains: Alexis Kings - 'Squire' (Video)

St Albans rock outfit Alexis Kings talk to us about their road-trip themed music video, ‘Squire'.
'Squire' is is the titular track of the band's current EP and is an ode to summer with its warm easy listening melodies and low-key indie funk.

The Band Explains:
Where was 'Squire' filmed?
Amsterdam, Bruge, Rotterdam, Antwerp

How does the video compliment the song?
The song is a summer Jam. We always had the idea of the video being a road trip of some sort, which it has inevitably turned out to be. This definitely shares the same vibe as the song. I also love the strobe light scene at the break down, its exactly what I had in my head when I wrote that part of the song.

Any behind the scenes stories?
We have a few stories, as the whole video was shot abroad. As we couldn't afford barely anywhere to stay, we ended up crashing in quite a rough part of Amsterdam, which only took a day for our Van window to be bricked and smashed. Weirdly enough the scoundrels decided to leave the passport and laptop left in the front seat. The Curse of the Van continued while searching for the next shot we stumbled across a cool beach with some cool buildings in the background. Forgetting the van weighed a tonne, we managed to get 20 metres onto the beach, but no further, and equally couldn't get back. After about an two hours of digging into the sand, we managed to find a nice Dutch man with a Land Rover who towed us back onto the road. A shot of the van stuck is actually in the video, it looks pretty random but if you are reading this now you understand..

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
The whole video was revolved around the 'Road trip' idea, but we were adamant on having three shots involved; The slo-mo bike scenes, the shot of the bands silhouette's in front of a sun set and the strobe light scene on the break down. The rest of the video was completely improvised and filmed as we strolled around the cities. Playing an unplugged guitar to a playback tape in the middle of a busy Amsterdam city centre was a bit awkward but the shot is great. I would say the best shot out of improvisation comes with the dancers at the end of the video.

What is the message the video is trying to convey?
There isn't necessarily a message behind the video, it’s just a good depiction of a summer road trip. The whole song is about a summer romance or a summer memory which we have all experienced at some point. Whether that be falling in love with someone or some place.

Interview feature by Karla Harris