Artist To Check Out: Skyler Cocco - 'Parasite' (Single)

New York based singer-songwriter Skyler Cocco shares new melodic grunge single, 'Parasite'.
Despite being a child for all of it, I still have some sort of nostalgia for music from the 90's. As in the the stuff that's decent; there's plenty of stuff that I'm happy to pretend didn't happen. Som it's with some sort of bouncy joy that I was ushered toward 'Parasite' by Skyler Cocco. It holds something of a 90's rock feel to it; the era where the guitar became cool again and wasn't just for hairspray sniffing weirdos.

Whilst having the edge developed in 90's rock, Parasite has incorporated the need for melody more commonplace in today's rock scene. Think Elastica meets Best Coast by way of a lethargic comparison. Cocco (who wrote the track) has a voice almost purpose built for this sort of music. It hovers smoothly over the guitar in an almost listless manner which compliments the attitude of the lyrics perfectly: "You were just a parasite, I loathe the blood I share with you". It's pretty raw and concise, which really works here.

Musically, the song is structured in a simple enough manner and doesn't deviate toward any arty pretensions for the sake of it. The song - much like Cocco herself by the sounds of it - wishes to be bullshit free and does so without burden. It's a cool track and will ultimately be deserving of more public attention than it'll be exposed to.

Words of Jake Collins