Single: Birch - 'Human'

Birch provides a moment of clarity in a chaotic world with new cut 'Human'.

 Since we last heard from Birch, there have been big changes within the camp. Now sans-rhythm section, Michelle Birsky and Mat Towles have promised their forthcoming EP, 'Not Human', to lean much further into their electronic flavours. So what is this single, 'Human'? To me, it is the final chapter of Birch's novel. With Emma Munger on guitar and Kevin Urvalek on drums prior to their departure from the band, this electropop-edged rock song is one hell of a wrap party.

The track opens with Birch's signature arcade-sounding keys and sparse drums, soon joined by plinky guitar and the distinct vocals. The chorus drops in heavy – heavier than the verse suggests – with the vocals, despite the gentle qualities of Michelle Birsky's voice, ringing out clearly amongst the delightful wall of noise accompanying.

'Human', to me, questions humanity – the people we are and the way we live as a society. "kept your head in the clouds with your eyes to the ground." lyrics that beautifully sum up the culture that the digital age has nurtured.

Birch have capped off this era of their work with some of their best work. What comes next promises to be exciting and different. For that we will have to wait, but 'Human' is a real treat to tide us all over until then.

Words of Samuel Hylands