Lonely The Brave w/ Tall Ships - Nottingham Rescue Rooms, 10/10/2016

Going into a show with a fresh outlook is quite often my favourite kind of gig, especially when going to great venues such as Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms. Not having listened to Cambridge-based band Lonely The Brave since their debut LP, 'The Day’s War', I was eager to see how far the guys had come in terms of sound and stage presence.

Opening the night were alt-rock southerners Tall Ships, who were quite possibly one of the most humble bunch of guys I’ve had the pleasure of watching. Opener 'T=0' showcased the band's undeniable passion in the space of four minutes, suggesting an impressive set to come. The crowd grew as the guys got into their stride, with frontman Ric Phethean sporting a Vaccines-esque vocal style. Their forty minute set was comprised of fan favourites such as 'Ode To Ancestors' and 'Gallop', highlighting their ability to effortlessly weave in and out of genres, and captivate the crowd with ease. Tall Ships are certainly a band I’ll be listening to from now on, having showcased an impressive repertoire of songs, that certainly suggest the up-and-coming album will be one to remember.

Headliners Lonely The Brave emerged to 'Wait In The Car', the opening single on their new album, 'Things Will Matter', before catapulting into a loud introduction, thrashing away on their instruments whilst striding into their first song of the night, 'Black Mire'. The crowd were more than enthusiastic, with everybody in sight singing along to every word. Despite a raw and angst-like opening, the atmospheric vibe that Lonely the Brave portray perfectly was still present, bringing us back to reality with hard-hitting hits such as 'Victory Line' and 'The Blue The Green'. Fan favourites were apparent throughout, with singles such as 'Trick Of The Light' and 'River River' winding the crowd up.

Despite an unusual and apparent lack of confidence, frontman David Jakes' vocals were nothing short of incredible, showing an extremely impressive talent that compliments the bands emotionally charged output perfectly. Throughout the sixty minute set, Jakes completely lost himself within the music, in the most powerful yet utterly effortless sense.

As the show started to wind down I noticed there was not one particular type of fan; parents were singing along with their children whilst couples sang every word to each other in embrace. It’s evident that Lonely the Brave’s music can captivate anyone who listens, no matter their age.

Despite enjoying the new singles, it’s clear the band hold so much confidence with their older tracks, with final song of the night, 'Black Saucers', showcasing the band’s stupendous passion in such a raw and energetic hit.

Not one to forget; I am already eagerly anticipating Lonely the Brave’s next UK tour.

Words of Cait Briggs and Photography by Ryan Winstanley

Lonely The Brave
Lonely The Brave - Rescue Rooms
Tall Ships Tall Ships - Rescue Rooms