Listen: Pray For Sound - 'Everywhere, Everywhere' (Single)

Post rock outfit Pray for Sound shares instrumental single, 'Everywhere, Everywhere' taken from their current album, 'Everything Is Beautiful'.

In stark contrast to, well, essentially the rest of 2016, this year has felt like a pretty good one for fans of post-rock / instrumental music, what with excellent releases by genre heavyweights such as Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky, Mono, Hammock and Russian Circles. Hoping to make the step up to operate alongside such luminaries are Massachusetts’ Pray For Sound, who relocated to Vermont for relative solitude to focus all their energies on third album release ‘Everything Is Beautiful’.

While much of ‘Everything Is Beautiful’ provides a dichotomy of gentle atmospherics and jarring post-rock, ‘Everywhere, Everywhere’ is an altogether more anthemic affair. Beginning with one of those simplistic, melodic phrases that good instrumental music nails down so well, the distorted change that follows is as immediate and uplifting as this form of music gets. Indeed, the explosion of musical colour is all the more surprising given the restrained emotions of some of the previous cuts. The transition from 'chorus' to building release is similarly as effective, with the upward trajectory maintained for the rest of the track without sounding forced or unnecessary. One imagines things quickly falling into place for the five bands members with this particular offering, with satisfied glances between all when each section effortlessly came together.

It’s easy to consider that accompanying vocals would assist in opening up ‘Everywhere, Everywhere’ to a wider audience. However, to these ears at least, it’s pretty darn perfect as is, and a rather lovely introduction to the remaining ten tracks on offer. ‘Everything Is Beautiful’ was released in September 2016 and provides another opportunity to explore all that is good with the post-rock genre.

Words of DS_convertible