Listen: Danny Starr - 'Lovestruck' (Single)

Danny Starr shares considered new single, 'Lovestruck' taken from his debut EP 'Darling' out now via The Animal Farm

With substance and style, Danny Starr's debut EP has seen a mature, sophisticated and sensitive approach to music, and 'Lovestruck' comes with a very serious message. Setting a backdrop of rose-coloured. dreamy, light hearted melodies, there is denial in the "everything's all good" mantra his pure arrangements try and trick you into believing.

As Danny Starr Explains, "I wrote the song 'Lovestruck' to try and raise awareness of domestic violence and abuse, and for people to see how the issue can be disguised by how much people love each other. Many people who have suffered from domestic abuse say they didn't realise how bad it was, simply because of the intensity of the emotions they felt towards their partner. I became very close friends last year with someone who had experienced abuse from a previous partner, and just hearing what they had gone through made me want to do something about it, and that first inspired me to write the song."

17 year old London-based, self taught musician, Danny Starr is making huge strides in defying the negative stereotypes often misrepresenting teenagers and their values.

Words of Karla Harris