Kamikaze Girls – DIY Space for London, 23/09/2016

Our photographer Ant Adams caught two piece Kamikaze Girls at DIY Space for London late September in support of their EP 'Sad' which is out now.

Opening the evening was Irish duo Apartments, who packed enough emotion in each of their songs to fuel an emo revival. Despite being huge fans of Kamikaze Girls, these guys were my favourite find of the night. Up next was MOLAR, who provide their own unique version of riot grrl pop, and with all their members being female they can easily fall into that category, but they bring something different to it that can only be described if you physically go see them.

With the night running late, sadly the band on next Break-Ups had to rush through their set, but that didn't stop them lose energy. With vocals being split between the guitarist and the bassist, their vocals bounced off each other like the early days of Blink 182. Raw, heart on sleeve, punk rock.

By this point the room was pretty much full from front to back, so when Kamikaze Girls came on you couldn't see a standing space free! Individually, throughout  the set, both Lucinda and Conor perform brilliantly, as stand alone musicians no words can describe them. But as a pair, they take it to a new level. Conor's drumming is tight with Lucinda's vocals going from angelic to full blow growl in a split second. With their debut EP 'Sad' out now and with the backing of their snarling live performances, their eighty day tour will continue be nothing short of spectacular.

Kamikaze Girls
Kamikaze Girls - DIY Space London - September 2016

Apartments apartments - DIY Space London - 23/09/2016

MOLAR - DIY Space London - 23/09/2016

Break-Ups - DIY Space London 23/09/2016

Live dates

3rd November - Clash City - Riverside, CA - US
4th November - Programme - Fullerton, CA - US
5th November - 924 Gillman - Berkeley, CA - US
6th November - Twilight Bar - Portland, OR - US
7th November - Venue TBA - Seattle, WA - US
8th November - Venue TBA - Boise, ID - US
9th November - Venue TBA - Salt Lake City, UT - US
10th November - Beauty Bar - Las Vegas, NV - US
21st November - Retro Bar - Manchester - UK
22nd November - DIY Space For London - London - UK