Introducing: Russell Swallow - 'Delicate' (Single)

Russell Swallow shares 'Delicate', the first cut from his forthcoming debut EP 'My Lover, Her Lover And Me'. 
Driven by Russell's elegant tenor that reaches majestic soaring falsetto heights and underpinned by driven electric guitar, live and electronica grooves and ambient synths - 'Delicate' is a multi-faceted  brooding confessional,  rich and sensual, exquisitely playing on emotion and aesthetics to make for a very memorable, magnetic offering.

As the artist explains, "For me, 'Delicate' is about that tentative, tingling feeling you hold in your chest, when you're first getting to know somebody special. You're drawn to them by some mysterious connection you feel - almost hypnotised by them, and confused by how powerful, yet tenuous that link is. You know from experience that it could bloom into something deep and beautiful, or collapse in on itself at any moment like a dying star, and fall away to nothing.

It's part of a story / themes of illusion, projection, and romantic naivety that I explore on my first record 'My Lover, Her Lover And Me' EP, due out in Spring."

Worss of Karla Harris

'Delicate' is out now and available at a 'name your price' cost via bandcamp.