Introducing: Naomi Greene - 'No Skin' (Single)

Parisian born musician Naomi Greene shares her expressive and distinguished alternative single, 'No Skin'.

Existing in the shadows between the beautiful and the bizarre is LA based singer-songwriter Naomi Greene and her majestic new single 'No Skin'.  Gently lulling her listener with beguiling harp arpeggios, Naomi Greene's crystalline, enchanting vocals float their way to a raw, fever pitch, culmination alongside eerie and hypnotic layered arrangements.

Merging experimental indie folk and pop, 'No Skin' is a powerful and poetic single, manipulating the parallel between vulnerable human emotion and imagination - its outcome unforgettable.

Words of Karla Harris

'No Skin' was recorded by Zach Crumrine at the Dizzie Gillespie studio and features Ben Finley on double bass, Nick Hon on drums, and Timothy Horner on synth. 'No Skin' was mixed by Sonny Diperri (Animal Collective, Warpaint, Deradoorian), and mastered by Adam Gonsalves at Telegraph Records.