EP Review: SEASONS - 'What Goes Around'

Mark McConville reviews Bedfordshire rockers SEASONS second EP 'What Goes Around', ahead of it's November 18th release and a string of  EP Launch UK tour dates starting this week. 

Big and bold sounds are plentiful on 'What Goes Around', the new EP from Bedford band SEASONS. It’s atmospheric too, combining sharp guitar lines with heart-thumping lyrics. The act also soar like a burning phoenix, elevating to great heights and showcasing a maturity some musical outfits don’t have in their locker.

The band are young and tenacious, embarking on creating music that is fuelled on adrenaline and talent. Their hearts are in it, they love what they have become, they know now that they’re truly under the spotlight. A spotlight of scrutiny, but they don’t let it bother them, as they’re inspired by the attention. And Young bands can falter and deflate easily. SEASONS are not on course to disengage and to fall off track, they’re ready to ascend and to batter through the barrage to the valley of hope.

The EP is strong. There’s no doubt about it. It contains songs that are uplifting with undercurrents of pessimism and heartrending wordplay. It dazzles when it needs to, it can be explosive and it can drive home a feeling of unison. The band stick to their guns here too, and they know where they have come from. 'What Goes Around' starts with 'Empire'. It’s a song that showcases the punchy guitar lines and emphatic vocals. The drumbeat is reminiscent of a pulsating heartbeat, battering on, filling the ears with an arresting and complete musical experience. The song conveys a sense of hopelessness and under fired will. 'Last Words' begins softly with subtle undertones, it then falls into a guitar frenzy, adding bite. The chorus is fundamental to the progression of the track, belting on, with the lyrics dripping in sheer melancholia. Then there's tracks like 'Fire' which opens with rough vocals and an engaging drum sequence. It combines technical guitar tones with expert lyrical energy.

SEASONS are a band that have matured beyond their years. Their music has those rock sensibilities and intense flair.