Black Honey w/ Dream Wife - live @ Mama Roux's, Birmingham 10/10/2016

October saw Black Honey and Dream Wife head out on a UK tour together and Hollie Jane Ann Photography caught them both at Mama Roux's, Birmingham on the 10th October 2016.

Dream Wife - a trio girlband based in London describe themselves as "poolside pop with a bite". They were surprisingly quite heavy which as a new listener was a shock, as the lead singer looked very sweet and innocent on first appearances. Their confidence grew as their set progressed.Tracks like  'Kids' showed to be hugely familiar to the the crowd and they finished their set with 'Hey Heartbreaker' (which is quite a tune may I add) and it seemed to go down really well

The band had placed headless mannequins all over the place with DW on them which was a cool touch and were joined by a drummer for their live performance. They also put their own spin on The Spice Girls song,  'Wannabe' but instead had a stand out choice of lyrics in,  "I'll tell you what I want what I really really want, I want to fuck you up!". Turns out, they are as striking to listen to as they are to look at!

By the time Black Honey came on stage, the crowd were manic and with no photo pit, I got battered around a bit! It was an absolutely mad yet expected reception to a band who have spent so much time cultivating popularity through their live performances. As fans attempted stage invasions - lead singer Izzy eventually took a "can't beat them, join them" approach by launching herself off the stage and into the crowd on the last song, wrapping up a mental evening of live music!

Black Honey
Black Honey - Mama Roux's - 10/10/2016

Dream Wife
Dream Wife - Mama Roux's - 10/10/2016