Trash Boat w/ The Gospel Youth & These Minds - Corporation, Sheffield 25/09/2016

Cait Briggs reviews Trash Boat with special guests The Gospel Youth & These Minds live at Corporation, Sheffield Saturday 25th August. 

Sheffield’s Corporation plays the generic part in gig etiquette; the sticky floor and dingy atmosphere gives the venue a certain charm, which has been a huge part of my childhood. So when pop punk quintet Trash Boat announced a headline show, there was no question in regards to my presence.

Already resting on two successful EP’s, Trash Boat’s debut LP, ‘Nothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Through’ is a clear example of the thriving UK pop punk scene at the moment, creating a much more incessantly angst sound than ever before.

Opening the night were local band Seconds Apart. Despite the small crowd, the alt rock trio were bursting with energy, entertaining with hits such as ‘Cause and Effect’. The northern boys smashed through their small set, making it clear they’re to be taken seriously within the scene. A positive performance with hopefully much more to come.

Next on were personal favourites and fellow northerners, These Minds. With Sheffield being the closest show to home, the Leeds based lads gave it their all, with family and friends lining the barrier, creating a seemingly incredible experience for the five piece. Playing a similar set to previous shows I’ve seen, These Minds smashed through their short catalogue of power-driven hits, such as ‘Figure Out’ and ‘Want’. However,  the vocals were completely washed out throughout the set, which I believe puts hold on their ability and success within the scene.

After discovering The Gospel Youth a few weeks previous, I was eagerly anticipating their set. The Brighton boys certainly did not disappoint, with incredible vocals from frontman Sam Little. The typical formula of melodic vocals and catchy riffs was out in full force, sending the crowd into madness. However, the unbelievably emotional performance from Little is what takes this band from good to great, with singles such as ‘Lighting Fires’ taking the crowd down a few notches into an emotionally fuelled sing along.
It was always going to be hard to out-do other artists in this heavily saturated scene. However, Trash Boat completely destroyed any pessimistic thoughts with their sell out show. From the off, the familiar gritty angst was present, shredding through new hits 'Tring Quarry' and breakdown favourite 'How Selfish I Seem', before launching into old fan favourites 'Saving Face' and 'Boneless'. An extremely sweaty crowd were the makers of this gig; launching into uncontrollable mosh with each hit.

Frontman Tobi Duncan’s personable approach put a much more thoughtful spin on the show, paired with his undeniably passionate style when performing, especially when showcasing slower hits such as 'Brave Face' and 'The Guise of a Mother'. Closing the show with big hit 'Strangers' is exactly the ending I was hoping for, With Sam Little taking place of Wonder Years frontman Dan Campbell. Once again the crowd were in full force, throwing themselves around to the incessantly raw sound.

Trash Boat have certainly grown up in the last year, from opening Slam Dunk Festival to their own sell out headline tour. Their debut, paired with their incredible live performance, suggests a very big future for these guys.