The Band Explains: Red Rum Club - 'Everybody's Friend' (Single)

Liverpool sextet Red Rum Club talks to us about their debut single, 'Everybody's Friend' out now via Rooftop Records (Sugarmen).
'Everybody's Friend'  was recorded at Parr Street Studios with Chris Taylor (Hooton Tennis Club, Bill Ryder-Jones). The track is a sophisticated indie offering combing sounds of old and new. While it  channels ‘Tarntino-esque’ wild western vibes with the help of a solitary trumpet, the track also pulls from 80s Liverpool influences as well as delivering a modern twist of poetic yet catchy lyrics and melodies.

Red Rum Club Explains: 
"The topic of the song reveals itself the more you listen. The chorus lyrics hit the nail on the head. "I'm Everybody's Friend, Can you say the same?". Mental instability and damaging insecurities are a feature. We feel everybody has a relationship with somebody like the one described in the song. It could be a friend, an ex or that one person you'd cross the road to avoid having to talk too. Because of this we knew the tune needed a boisterous energy; An element of anger to it.

The writing process is a bit of blur. We had a bright riff and dark lyrics to fit the bi-polar nature of the topic. For months we stayed up most nights trying to finish it. We had loads of tunes floating about that were unfinished so I can't really put my finger on when we started or finished the tune but I do remember the song having what felt like hundreds of different parts. I know there was lots of back and forth amongst the lads. Sometimes escaping and discussing it over a pint decided things. Think we nailed it in the end though."

Feature by Karla Harris