The Band Explains: Pale Honey - 'Real Thing' (Single)

Gothenburg band Pale Honey speak to us about their brand new single 'Real Thing', the first new material to be taken from their currently untitled follow-up to 2015’s acclaimed self-titled debut album. 
'Real Thing' is a chugging,  direct and distortion heavy indie rock track featuring experimental use of percussion and electronics - a perfect backdrop to lead singer Tuva Lodmark ' effortlessly sensual, assertive and hypnotic vocal delivery. The band will perform live at London's The Lexington on October 27th. 

Pale Honey Explains:
"'Real Thing' was written and recorded during the summer, in those days when it’s impossible to feel anything but magically good. We all had a clear idea of what we wanted the song to sound like, and during the time it took shape it felt like we blew our own minds, it turned out better than we could have imagined. For us the song is about knowing what you want, and being so obsessed about it that you don’t care about anything else, the consequences or the outcome."

Feature by Karla Harris