The Band Explains: M O S E S ‘Leave Leave Leave’ (Single)

London based newcomers M O S E S talk us about the conception of their charismatic debut single, ‘Leave Leave Leave’ out now via Crosstown Recordings.

Comprised of front-man Victor (a Bucharest native), long haired South Korean guitarist Juno, bassist Zakk (a genuine East Londoner) and County Tyrone-born drummer Matt,  M O S E S will be playing a selection of  live shows over the next two months bringing their visionary indie to venues across London.

 M O S E S Explains:
"We were having rehearsals and Victor (singer) was late. As usual. So we started jamming, randomly. He entered the door 20 minutes later, quickly plugged in his mic and just started singing - he was feeling guilty for being late again so this was just a smart way to avoid any confrontation. Anyway, we continued jamming, he came up with the chorus, Juno found a guitar theme, drum and bass played along and there it was - we had a song in 10 minutes. We loved it, got it in the set list for our next gig and playing it on stage proved to be an awesome and total burst of energy - everybody loved it!

In a couple of months we started planning our first EP and we simply knew this was the signature single for it and for our debut.

'Leave Leave Leave' was mixed and produced by Ian Flynn, a talented young producer who saw us at one of our first gigs and wanted to record some tunes together. We instantly clicked and now Ian is one of our best friends. Actually, he did our entire EP (which, by the way, is ready to pre-order here). The song (and the other three songs on the EP, now that we've mentioned it) was mastered by the legendary Pete Maher, who worked with names like U2, The Killers, Noel Gallagher, Rolling Stones and the list can go on.

We usually don't like to answer the "what is it about" question. Music is a very personal, adaptable and 'reactive' language and that's what makes it so beautiful - each pair of ears listening to a song have the power to transform it and endlessly discover new meanings hidden in the lyrics. Meanings that sometimes not even the author though about.

For us, this song is mostly about struggle. About that moment when it gets tough, when you feel like everything's falling apart and you're the only one who can help yourself. It's about those dark moments that are actually empowering and push you over your own limits."

Feature by Karla Harris
Live dates:

14th - Koko - Club NME 
15th – Hackney Wonderland, London
24th - Old Blue Last (The Great Escape 1st 50)
30th - The Islington Assembly Rooms (supporting The Joy Formidable)