The Band Explains: Carcer City - 'Sovereign' (Video)

Vocalist Patrick of progressive metalcore band Carcer City speaks to us about the ideas behind the band's single and music video 'Sovereign'.

'Sovereign' is taken from Carcer City's new album, Infinite/Unknown out now via Stay Sick Records.

The Band Explains:
"'Sovereign' is about the inevitability of death that will come to all of life as we know it and the problem that presents to us as mortals. How do we find meaning in a meaningless existence? Why do we get so caught up in the ultimately pointless trials and tribulations of everyday life? Why do we see ourselves as so special? 'Sovereign' is a song to remind everyone that none of this has any real meaning or structure - It's a song to remind people that in the face of death only one thing matters - enjoying the ride! Do what makes you happy.

We filmed 'Sovereign' in Bolton with the guys from Sitcom Soldiers in their studio. The idea for the shoot was two worlds colliding - one being the "normal" world we see and interact with everyday - the other being the world totally outside our perception. The first shoot was easy enough but then we had to get covered in UV paint and film the second shoot. It was freezing and we were all soaking wet with paint in our eyes! It was definitely the most difficult video we've ever had to film and we had to do it all in 8 hours!

Feature by Karla Harris