Single: Lily Elise - 'Palm Trees'

LA based Singer-songwriter Lily Elise releases self-sufficient  alternative-pop ballad, 'Palm Trees'.
Led by an elegant guitar rhythm and minimal electronics, 'Palm Trees' sees Lily Elise's beautiful, airy vocals smoothly and sincerely offer a master class in keeping it real.

Laidback, warm and catchy, this is a soulful alt pop offering extremely easy on the ears, individualistic and stunning in its simplicity, unveiling Lily Elise as a chameleon artist who is successfully conquering the crossover alt/rnb/pop genre with her incredibly controlled range and influences.

Words of Karla Harris
'Palm Trees' was produced by Jeeve and co-written by Soaky Siren who Lily Elise has previously woreked with on 'OLIVER' EP tracks, 'I Don’t Know Why' and 'Suitcases'.