Single: FOURS - 'Sickly Sweet'

London quartet FOURS  unveil bubbling new single, 'Sickly Sweet'.
Running a blog on a submissions basis has meant that I rarely get the time to source new music organically (or listen purely for listening pleasure without formulating a review in my mind) but FOURS are a rare band I managed to stumble across (on my own!) and have since been enjoying their music when I have "clocked off" from blogging, purely for the joy of listening.

I don't always like to blur the blogging line between self discovery / the bands I already love vs the amazing tracks brought to my attention for the purpose of featuring. However, when the new FOURS track landed in my inbox, how could I not?

Drawing from the huge arsenal of things I love about FOURS - top of the list is the way they remove a lot of the "sickly sweet" teen-targeted sheen that features in a lot of indie pop. FOURS retain energy, integrity, buoyancy and incredibly catchy hooks but without making their listener feel like they are facing death by candy floss.

Arguably, 'Sickly Sweet' is the band's most sugary track to date, but the band pair their fizzy electronics and 80s influences with really nice alt rock instrumental touches. Last but not least, lead singer Edith Violet's distinctive drawl and lyrical delivery has consistently won my heart. There's such a great edge and attitude to her vocals - I can honestly say, in a sea of catchy indie pop outfits -  I can't think of a band currently on the scene with this much instant likeability,  who are doing things quite like this, with such a stand out vocalist.

Words of Karla Harris