Introducing: Alone Architect - 'Faded' (ft. Dani Poppitt) (Single)

Alone Architect releases haunting electronic single 'Faded' (ft. Dani Poppitt)

Stunning, otherworldly vocals and dark, unearthly synth set an explosive and majestic scene for Alone Architect's 'Faded'. Featuring the vocals of Dani Poppitt (Shallows), 'Faded' is an immersive, gripping love song displaying immeasurable beauty,  intelligence and intrigue.

As the artist explains, "'Faded' is a song about the veil between our world and the spirit world, told from the perspective of someone who recently died & finds themselves unable / unwilling to leave our physical world behind for fear of losing their true love and never finding them again. They’re trying to beckon their love to follow them. To leave our physical world behind, to evolve into something more, on another plane of existence. Closer to the source. So that they can transcend energetically together".

Alone Architect is the moniker of Canadian  musician / producer Jeff Feldman who now lives in LA. This is the first song Alone Architect has released since migrating cross continent and we can't to hear more!

Words of Karla Harris