From Sorrow to Serenity - Live @ The Victoria, Swindon 28/09/2016

Last month, Anthony Hunt Photography caught From Sorrow To Serenity live at The Victoria, Swindon with support from Ursus and Heriot.

Swindon doesn't have the biggest music scene going, not by a long shot. But every now and then there's a promoter or a venue that tries to change that by booking an up and coming band like From Sorrow To Serenity. 

Playing to a crowd of a maximum of 50 people is intimate but not ever going to be an ideal gig in terms of energy, but that didn't stop Ursus, Heriot and From Sorrow to Serenity bringing their A game and trying to find a pulse to keep one of Swindon's very few music venues alive.

From Sorrow To Serenity - The Victoria, Swindon - 28/09/16 
  Photo gallery: From Sorrow to Serenity, Ursus and Heriot