Doe Album Launch - The Urban Bar Whitechapel, London 09/09/2016

Ant Adams Photography catches Doe's album launch party live at The Urban Bar, Whitechapel, London with support from Personal Best and ¡Ay, Carmela!.

Don't call the fuzz! But there is a serious amount of grrr coming out of the amps this evening! Whitechapel has never smelt so warm either on this Friday night for Doe's album launch at the Urban Bar Whitechapel. Openers ¡Ay Carmela!, the three piece from West London combine the fizzy feeling you get when you drink Aloe Vera drinks and PJ Harvey's good albums, raspy indie DIY pop at its purest. Southsea power-pop house Personal Best are up next as main support, who provide the first sing-along of the night with their track 'This is What We Look Like', which is by far one of the most important songs any band has written in a long time!

Doe's first full length 'Some Things Last Longer Than You' which out now on Specialist Subject Records, is ten tracks of absolute fizzy-grunge, and quite easily one of the most eagerly anticipated albums of the year for us at When The Horn Blows. Current singles 'Sincere' and 'Last Ditch' are filled with rageful harmonies put in a blender with the Pixies and filtered through a Pavement album. The whole album is a furious sprint the barrier at a show; eager, warm and totally worth it.

Tonight the band completely deliver, taking the whole room with them on a amplified punk rock waltz, with a hint of Spice Girls thrown in.

Doe Doe - Urban Bar Whitechapel - 09.09.2016

Personal Best Personal Best - Urban Bar Whitechapel - 09.09.2016

¡Ay Carmela!¡Ay Carmela! - Urban Bar Whitechapel - 09.09.2016