WORLD PREMIERE: Bella Loka - 'Well Done' (Single & Video)

Listen and watch the world premiere of Bella Loka's new single and video 'Well Done' on When The Horn Blows!

Created by Tea Boothby, the psychedelic music video for 'Well Done' acts as a visual representation of the mental disorientation the band experienced upon moving to London from their hometown of Bristol in order to further their music. It exemplifies Tea's creative use of VFX and digital constructs blended with live action footage and charismatic performance.

The song describes the virtual wilderness Tea & David found themselves in after deciding to move on from their Bristol-based indie-rock band and re-invent as a Camden-based electronic alt-pop duo recording with in-house producers Rob Cass & Pearse MacIntyre at Abbey Road Studios. Despite its traumatic origins the song is relentlessly upbeat, with singer Tea determined to “turn my pain into a song” and choosing to listen to the voice that says, “Well done, you've made this far... you're gonna make it out.”

Although thematically coming from a very specific and personal place, Bella Loka's 'Well Done' holds a universal appeal, shooing away any feeling of apathy with their empowering mantra of optimism seen through a kaleidoscope of funky colour and jaunty, vibrant sound. But what else would you expect from this duo? When we asked the band what Bella Loka means, David told us. "Tea came up with it. Bella means beautiful, and loka is a Sanskrit word for expanse or universe, so it means "beautiful universe". Also loka sounds like loca, the feminine of crazy, so some people may take that away from it too." - seeing a band who truly encapsulate in their sound and visuals everything their moniker stands for.

'Well Done' features as one half of the duo's double A-side single alongside its multifarious counterpart, 'Rise Up'  (premiered by  Here Comes The Flood), out now via  DEFDISCO and available on  iTunes. Both tracks will be included on Bella Loka's debut album 'The Light, The Mud & The Dark'  due out later this year.