The Duo Explains: Novelties 'Intro From The Other Side' (Video)

Electro pop duo Novelties talk us through  the ideas behind the music video for their ethereal, otherworldly debut track 'Intro From The Other Side'. 

Based in Los Angeles, Novelties is a collaboration between Kelly Mylod and Sophie Noire who are set to release their second single, 'City' this month.

Novelties Explains:
Where was the video filmed?
We filmed the music video in Downtown LA’s Chinatown.

How does the video compliment the song?
We envisioned the music video to be more of a visual soundtrack, so we extended the song with an ambient ending to enhance the cinematic experience. (The unextended version can be found here on Novelties Soundcloud).

Any behind the scenes stories?
The music video was a two-day shoot. Each night we expected summer crowds and stores to stay open late but it was completely empty and the stores closed early. Except for a few curious locals, we had Chinatown Central Plaza to ourselves.

Tell us about the ideas/themes/imagery used?
We wrote the lyrics “We come alive at night from the other side…” because the words evoke an otherworldly feeling. We wanted to capture that intriguing feeling and used Chinatown as the focal backdrop to illuminate exotica.

What is the message the video is trying to convey?
We were inspired by cultural curiosity, wanderlust and the electric energy of the song. The video represents the mood and magic of getting lost and embracing a place you’ve never been or seen before.

Interview feature by Karla Harris