The Band Explains: Old Mountain Station - 'High Rises' (Video)

Paris based folk rock outfit Old Mountain Station speak to us about the ideas behind their unique music video 'High Rises' shot at the Petitcollin doll factory.

'High Rises is taken from the band's second LP, 'Shapes' available to stream or purchase via Old Mountain Station's bandcamp page.

Old Mountain Station Explains:
"Clara Beaudoux, the director of the video, had this idea of mixing documentary and music video. And she specifically wanted to shoot in a factory. There is a synth in the song during the verse, which is kind of repetitive and on the beat, that reminded her of the sound of machinery.
Our song ´High Rises' is about working in a soulless job and feeling alienated from all the promises society makes. So it seemed like a perfect match. Why a doll factory? We thought it would be visually interesting. And to top it off, it symbolized all the lies that are told to little girls about femininity, motherhood, etc.
Clara ended up filming at the Petitcollin factory, at Etain, in the east of France. It's the only remaining doll factory in the country. Only five people work there now. As such, they're used to having local TV crews filming them around Christmas, which would explain why they were not even phased when asked to shoot for a music video. They were actually quite happy to share what must seem to them a dying art. The irony being that a lot of people find the images unsettling and disturbing. Which I guess is perfect for our song."