The Artist Explains: Soffia Bjorg - 'I Lie' (Single)

Icelandic songstress Soffia Bjorg speaks to us about the ideas behind her alternative rock single 'I Lie' taken from her forthcoming debut album.

Soffia Bjorg Explains:
"The song had a more melancholic feel to it before we worked on it in the studio. But the musicians I am working with; Pétur Ben, Ingibjörg Elsa Turchi and Kristofer Rodriguez, they gave the song a different energy under the production helm of producer Ben Hillier. All of a sudden the song changed its course and I was up that night just trying to figure out what was missing and the idea of a shouting choir came to mind. Then the next day we recorded all of us shouting 'You Lie' - 'I Lie'.. and then that was it. Gave the song kind of a 'don't give a fuck' punky feel to it. I liked the outcome so much I often asked Ben to play us the song at the beginning of a session just to get the energy up. The song is about faking happiness. Try to look good on the surface so you won't be seen as a failure. But that bullshit is just in your head. Polishing the surface until there is nothing left."