The Artist Explains: Milkpunch - 'Gemini' (Video)

We speak to Milkpunch about the ideas behind his visuals for new garage rock single, 'Gemini'. 
Gemini' is available as a free download and recorded and produced by  Milkpunch himself.

Milkpunch Explains:
"Gemini's video is a collection of random but carefully selected footage. It alternates between oldschool TV commercials and clips I recorded with my phone throughout the last 4 years, mainly showing some friends and I having unethical fun in the distant suburbs of my hometown, Brasília, but also containing some beach scenes of where I'm currently living, Sydney. The song is about breakups and bliss, two contrasting things. You can add the astrological hippie vibe to it (gemini zodiac sign), but the relation of the video with the song is mainly about missing your friends and the strange harmony coming from randomness. To finalise, I added some VHS-like effects over everything to give a nostalgic "good ol' times", "post-moving-to-another-country" feeling."

Feature by Karla Harris