The Artist Explains: Hunnymoon - 'Bandit' (Video)

Christopher Hegarty of alternative rock project Hunnymoon talks to us about the ideas behind his gorgeous, intimate single and ambiguous music video, 'Bandit'.

The video is directed by Mark Rodway and produced by Joe Myers and stars Holli Dillon, Nathan Welsh.

Hunnymoon Explains
Where was the video for 'Bandit' filmed?
The video was filmed In S.Wales - Port Talbot / Neath (too long a story to say why!)

How does the video compliment the song?
I think the film moves and sways with the music... The couple dancing in the dark bar always sticks in my mind. The song is quite intimate and the camera shots also are very close up and personal a lot of the time. I think the director used certain lyrics hit points of the movie, "the moon met the sun" day to night etc. but overall the film and music remains ambiguous. I feel the combination of the film and music creates a contradiction of  thinking you know what is going on but it is always in your mind that it could be something else. The 'Bandit' can be anything.

Any behind the scenes stories?
Nathan (Male lead) was only cast the day before we travelled from London it was all so last minute...

It pissed with rain all of day one out of two and it was too windy on the beach... Conditions were pretty challenging.

The director drove the hero car too and from Swansea (BMW 635i) what a beauty she is! He noted, "It had no air con and on the way there it was super-hot!!!"

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
Director notes "Simple boy meets girl, fall in love, he gets cold feet, she can see that, they split, he questions himself and goes back retracing their relationship to try and figure things out for himself.

Used a fractured timeline to mess things up a little so the viewer can't be certain where the narrative starts / ends. Make things a bit more ambiguous."

What is the message the video is trying to convey?
It shows the highs and lows of love and that it's a complicated thing... that we can't always define / control as it needs chemistry from both sides and this is constantly evolving.

Interview feature by Karla Harris