Singles: Oyster Kids - 'Gum' and '40 Nights'


Nessi Holt of Carpe Carmina guest reviews 'Gum' and '40 Nights' by LA Indie pop outfit, Oyster Kids.

Not sticky under your shoe but joyfully jubilant on your mind, Oyster Kids' shiny (and yet subliminally shady) single 'Gum (Everybody's My Friend)' bubbles up and won't burst leaving your expectations of excitingly erratic and melodiously dazzling pop-glitter dashed. Equally alluring and lyrically grave as previous releases, this one emphasizes the LA duo's qualities as catchy-charm-composers rather than radiating cryptic gloom; playing well with contrasts – to regular listeners of the band, this comes as no surprise -, the song allows its brisk and breezy, delightfully groovy melodies to dally with charmingly pungent cynical lyricism; highlights swirling synth sounds and misty vocal gloss all so well. Sparkling buoyancy and glowing wit, make the third tonal descendant of Oyster Kids one with great replay potential for sure!

Playfully rhythmic and fascinating, vibrantly pulsing and colourful - '40 Nights' comes in sonic shades so hauntingly elusive and hypnotic, so invitingly arcadian, yet dynamically arcane, there's little you can do to escape the thrillingly ludic tonal atmosphere Oyster Kids summon with it; in fact you most likely will find yourself celebrating the single's electrifying and fizzy, beat-driven and hazy tonality, toast to the two-piece's call to embrace luringly absorbing retro flair wholeheartedly, much to 80's arcade gamers' delight.