Single: Rakunk - 'Turn The Power On'

Rakunk 'Turn The Power On' in their new electro funk / alternative rock offering. 

'Turn The Power On' is the latest track that's come through my inbox from Chicago 4-Piece Rakunk.
The synth sounds on this song aren't something I'd usually pay too much attention to. I've got a very old school opinion of what a band's make-up should be, but the dissonant exit from the verses really compels me to listen more and the track includes a synth solo that is very well positioned over the enjoyable driving guitar I've come to expect from Rakunk and their sound.

Engineered by Mike Hagler (Wilco) and mastered by Greg Calbi (Grouplove, Bruce Springsteen'Turn The Power On' follows on from Rakunk's pounding electro pop  track 'Trillionaire' previously reviewed here.

Words of Liam Hinds