Single: GLADES - 'Speechless'

Sink into the rhythm of GLADES  alt pop stunner, "Speechless".

Production wise, 'Speechless' rolls with a hazy fluidity, upbeat and buoyant that despite its layers and synth, feels spacious and natural.  GLADES allows their lead vocalist to not be overshadowed by their accomplished production and Karina Wykes' beautiful voice shines through the grooving melodies, becoming an effortlessly attractive focal point for the track.

Via this approach, the band makes it easy to fall into the catchy vocal hooks and sing along to the lyrics with minor breaks to let some really lovely male/ female harmonies as well as the synth and electronics wash over you.

GLADES have got us hooked on their finger tips and we cant wait for more material to be unveiled from their debut project 'This Is What It's Like' expected this Autumn.

Words of Karla Harris