Listen: ROZES - 'Under The Grave' (Single)

Alt-Pop maven ROZES releases heartfelt track 'Under The Grave'

For a song that stems from such an emotional and desolate place, the production largely contains a shimmering electronic warmth offering a steady anchor and a great grounding soundbed for ROZES blazing, impassioned vocals to rise from. It is here she unveils her most lyrically vulnerable and personal track to date, but without any hint of weakness in her vocals, making it extremely easy to see why ROZES and her realness are slowly monopolising the electronic pop genre, delivering one hit track after another.

On the single ROZES explains,  "As I have always said: I write what’s real and what’s true, even if it means throwing myself under the bus. I go in and out of emotional phases, as does anyone with depression and/or anxiety. While I was away in LA recording and writing, I seemed to have sunken into a darker emotional phase, where I was disconnecting from the people who meant the most to me. I wasn’t there for the people who loved me, especially in their time of need. I walked into my session knowing I needed to express the numbness I felt inside of me. That’s where 'Under The Grave' comes from. It is me asking myself, “When did my heart stop feeling?” essentially, when did I go Under The Grave? It is a very emotional song for me because towards the end, I ask, that even though I was not the friend I should have been, that they do not forget me the way I forgot them in those moments of despair."

Words of Karla Harris