Listen: CLAVVS - 'Serpentine' (Single)

Atlanta trip hop duo CLAVVS (pronounced “claws”) returns with striking new single 'Serpentine' the second to be lifted from their sophomore album.

Comprised of four-time Grammy-winning producer Graham Marsh and writer & vocalist Amber Renee, CLAVVS signature brand of hypnotic trip hop is bound to seduce their listener into a state of surrender.

On the new single, the band says, “‘Serpentine’ is about a lot of things, but centrally, it’s focused on the internal battle going on inside all of us, in everything-- the constant fight between the ego and the soul. Which will win?”

While its fangs are not sharp, 'Serpentine' has the dark, slithering effect down, interweaving venomous delirium-inducing bass riffs with exotic flourishes,seeing Amber Renee's coiling vocals take on the form of an "ice queen, serpentine", delivered as a succubus kiss,  fitting the lyrics perfectly. Take a listen below!

Words of Karla Harris