Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts live @ Nottingham's The Bodega w/ The Breakdowns 30/08/2016

Photographer Ryan Winstanley makes his WTH Blows debut by catching Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts live at Nottingham's The Bodega with support from The Breakdowns

I'm not incredibly clued up on the anti-folk scene, but from what I do know is that Jeffrey Lewis has become an established part of it, and rightly so. Tonight's show took place at Nottingham's Bodega which was impressively busy for a Tuesday and a perfect venue for such an artist. I was also impressed with such a merch table selling vinyls and T-shirts and his own comic book series (anything this guy can’t do?).

But first on tonight's bill was local lads The Breakdowns playing their garage-infused rock and roll. If you’re a fan of bands such as The Ramones or The Hives you’ll love these guys. With their big guitar licks and running bass lines its definitely enough to get the party started here at The Bodega and the crowd agrees.

Off to a good start, next up is the main act, the legend that is Jeffrey Lewis &  Los Bolts. Tonight Lewis looks like someone Michael Cera would play in one of his movies. He wears his geek chic well and kicks in with his signature sound with his twangy decorated acoustic guitar and quirky lyricism. From the first song it's clear Jeffrey Lewis is a lyrical genius, each song a hilarious narrative to his story. For example his track, 'The Chelsea Hotel Oral Sex Song' which is inspired by songs of Leonard Cohen leaves the crowd chuckling as he uses his nihilistic views and cunning wit throughout.

But not only does Jeffrey Lewis write incredibly thought provoking music he also illustrates his own short movie selection and tonight’s showing was 'Super Crossover Team Up' an ensemble of Lewis’s characters. Whilst this was playing on the projector Lewis narrated a story of his team of misfits.

Lewis makes it clear on his views on big record labels, social ideals and political views as he perfomed 'W.W.P.R.D'? (what would pussy riot do?), a clever homage to the punk girls who stood up for there beliefs and was imprisoned for them! And if that wasn’t enough he did rap about the mosquitos at the Rio Olympics. Satisfied yet?

All in all Jeffrey Lewis has talent oozing out of his ears for performing thought-provoking ideas that get you thinking and your brain engaged and for this I applaud him. It's safe to say his die hard fans were not disappointed and he definitely made a few new ones too.

Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts
Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts - The Bodega 30/08/2016

The Breakdowns
The Breakdowns - The Bodega 30/08/2016