Don Broco Double Headliner Live @ O2 Academy Islington 8th/9th August 2016

Ant Adams Photography catches Don Broco during their double headliner tour at London's O2 Academy Islington 8th/9th August 2016.
When a band does a tour with the intention of playing an album in full, I kind of feel they have reached their peak and have nothing new to offer, so I was slightly concerned when I saw such a young band like Don Broco announce this, and in such a small venue as o2 Academy Islington. This tour was something different though, playing their albums Priorities and Automatic on separate nights, so I approached the evenings with a sense of hope.

As a band, Don Broco, are entertainers, their stage presence since the very start of their band has been 110%, hitting you at 200mph from the moment go. And their debut album 'Priorities' is a reflection of that. As soon as that guitar riff kicks in from the self titled album track, the room is a biblical mess. Screams, and bodies flying everywhere. Your forget how many absolute bangers there on Don Broco's first album, with songs like 'Hold On' and 'Actors', there isn't a split second to catch your breath this evening. That album just catches everything that Don Broco is about, and tonight's performance reminds us how much hard work the lads put into their craft.

So onto the second night, different album, 'Automatic', personally their debut release has always been my favourite out of the two, it was raw and fresh. Don't get me wrong, 'Automatic' is a good album, just lacks that buzz that 'Priorities' gave off when it first came out. With that in mind, I was slightly wary on how this evening might go for the lads. I look out to the crowd though, clearly everyone else has different opinions, seeing the same faces that were here the night before. Vocalist Rob Damiani steps onto the stage in a full white suit and asks the crowd “So... who was here last night?” The room screams back at him as the band crash into album opener 'Superlove'. This evening is completely different to the Priorities night, firstly its sexy as fuck, suits and short shorts all round with the band. Secondly, it sounds so clean and mature. Don Broco clearly haven't reach haven't lost their touch, they have much further to climb in the journey, and after these two nights its going to be smoking hot.

Don Broco - 'Priorities'
Don Broco - Priorities

Don Broco - 'Automatic'
Don Broco - Automatic