Band To Check Out: Birdtalker - 'Just This' (Single)

Nashville alternative five-piece Birdtalker share 'Just This', the titular track of their debut EP.
The appeal of Birdtalker's 'Just This' is instantaneous. It comes from a real place of love, honesty and contemplation.  There's a lightness to the track's instrumentation that helps to dissipate the heartfelt emotion of the song's theme without distracting, dishonouring or making its appeal less touching.

'Just This' moves with a wonderful fluidity with a lot of variety in its instrumentation that has a way of presenting itself as downplayed, making it wholly natural and adept in nature. The vocal harmonies are perfectly matched and  have a divine, lustrous quality about them exuding just the right amount of emotion to get under its listeners skin.

What I like best about the track is the spaciousness in its arrangements where each aspect of its design has enough room to breathe and every instrumentation or vocal is valued. Nothing is overshadowed or drowned out. Each note is indispensable giving  numerous things to fall in love with. Not just once. Over and over again. On repeat.

Words of Karla Harris.

'Just This' is the titutal track taken from Birdtalker's six-song EP out now and recorded in Nashville at Glass Onion Recording Studio with co-producers JD Tiner (Erin Rae) and Dan Fernandez (Great Peacock).