Band To Check Out: ARMORS - 'Genesis' (Single)

Orange County based trio ARMORS release emotionally charged single, 'Genesis'.

Through 'Genesis' ARMORS capture the multi-faceted moods of dealing with unexpected heartbreak, the emotional impact, insecurities and psychological effects that losing a long time significant other can have on a person.

Frontman Olen Kittelsen's velvety, R&B tinged falsetto soar to emotive heights ricocheting off vibrant synth and explosive backing beats that writhe with a chameleon intensity as the narrator tries to come to terms with their changing situation, passionately pleading for reassurance in its bold chorus, "tell me that it wasn't my fault, that I was enough for you".

ARMORS provide a very accessible and in demand bridge between alternative and R&B. As they guide their listener through an intricate maze of textured melody and tone, 'Genesis' unveils itself to be a raw and accomplished universal call to arms for any and all casualties of love.

Words of Karla Harris

'Genesis' features production and engineering by up and coming LA based Producer Ryan Spraker (Killer Mike, Daye Jack) The track is also available on Spotify and Apple Music.