Artist To Check Out: John Muirhead - 'Yesterday's Smile' (Single)

Photo by Alex Lam
Ontario based singer-songwriter John Muirhead  shares 'Yesterday's Smile', the title track from his debut EP.

Citing inspirations such as songwriting greats, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen and listing more modern influences such as The Gaslight Anthem and The Weakerthans I expected big things from John Muirhead's sound and luckily, wasn't disappointed by his EP title track, 'Yesterday's Smile'.

First of all, I really warmed to the execution of the storytelling. Confessional and real without coming across too wounded. The acoustic guitar melody that supports Muirhead's nostalgic, folk-tinged, vocals is upbeat and animated with a really lovely, optimistic skip in its step.

Around the midway mark, the beat builds in momentum seeing the introduction of bolder guitar strums and some supporting percussion. As Muirhead's vocal tone deepens and takes on a rockier edge, it's a very welcome surprise and a great play on dynamics.

Poignantly, Muirhead makes sure that the track closes with the familiar lyrics, "make me believe that I'm alive" heard previously during the track. It is with those words that he unknowingly closes a song that, we feel, breathes new life and vitality into the folk rock genre.

Words of Karla Harris