The Duo Explains: August Wells - 'She Was A Question' (Video)

Musical project August Wells talk us throughthe behind the scenes ideas on the making of their performance music video, 'She Was A Question'.
‘She Was A Question’ is romantic and eccentric psychedelic chamber-pop music with eerie brass, beautiful piano and vintage vocals. The track is taken from the duo's new album, ‘Madness Is The Mercy’ due for release in September on Irish independent label ‘Forever In Financial Arrears’ (FIFA Records).

August Wells Explains
Where was the video filmed?
The video was filmed in both Dublin and New York City. We shot scenes in Phoenix park and some interiors in Dublin. In New York City we shot the performance parts.

How does the video compliment the song?
The video really co exists with the song. It's mainly a performance video. We tried to make something that was simple and visually interesting without becoming the reason for the song.

Any behind the scenes stories?
The first real concept we had was to have movie subtitles of the lyrics. Black and white made sense. Just a little taste of an old movie as a theme. Then the rest just fell into place. Quite often these things take on a direction of their own. Start out with a certain idea then watch what develops. Quite often nothing like what you originally imagined.

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
We didn't want to really associate a person with the main character of the woman. The imagery of the woman in the video is intended to be a little distant. Even slightly fading away. It's a look closely at oneself more than anything else.

The very close shot of Ken singing feels right. The words and sentiment of the song are very personal. Being very tight and close up lends to the strength of the lyrics. "One day you wake up as the man as you are. Not as the one you thought you'd become."

What is the message the video is trying to convey?
I think that any message is from the song itself. While there are feelings, ideas and sentiment that some may share, the song will touch people in different ways. The video hopefully delivers the song to you on a nice plate to sit down and take it in.

Interview feature by Karla Harris